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Advanced Business Manager (ABM)
Advanced Manufacturing (AMS)
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Advanced Business Manager (ABM) has been designed and developed by Accountants for financial and non-financial users. Quickly and efficiently ABM allows Microsoft Windows-friendly secure access to all relevant company financial and management data. The accounting system is Advanced Business Manager and has everything you need and more to manage your business activities. It is the engine that drives, your accounting processes, such as:

Advanced Business Manager (ABM)

General Ledger
Sales Ledger
Purchase Ledger
Cash Book
Project Management
Job Costing
Asset Management
Import Costing
Service Management
Cash Book
Customer Relationship Management
Full Reporting Facilities
C.S. Packages is an authorised ABM developer which allows us to tailor ABM to users requirements. This includes interfaces to other products as well as reporting which is predominantly done using Crystal Reports.
CS Assets Management
EDI Invoices
EDI Orders
Mainfreight Integration
GL Company Consolidation
Customised Reports